This is done to relax fatigued muscles.

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What is a physical therapy test?

A physical therapy test is done to measure how well a patient can control his or her muscles. It involves asking the patient to walk around, to bend, to grasp, or to climb steps. During a physical therapy test, the patient’s heartbeat is measured to know the health capacity of the patient. A physical therapy test is done to assess the current health condition of the patient. This should also be done in the presence of a professional physical therapist. Go and watch a Physiotherapie film to know more about physical therapy tests and types.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is treatment done to patients who need to improve their health condition. Physical therapy may include several physical manipulations such as movement of joints at different directions and different speeds, stretching of muscles, activation of muscles, and testing muscle timing and responsiveness. Aside from several physical manipulations, physical therapy may include the following.

  • Heat therapy. This can either be cold or hot therapy.
  • This is done to improve the flow of blood in the injured body part. This can also heat muscles and tendons to initiate healing and recovery.
  • Electrical stimulation. This is done to test muscle and nerve coordination. This can also activate muscle and test muscle responsiveness.
  • Light therapy. This involves the use of a special kind of light and lasers to heal the injured part of the patient.


What is a professional physical therapist?

A professional physical therapist administers proper hands-on physical manipulation on injured patients to promote healing and recovery of the injured body part. A professional physical therapist measures the physical capabilities of the injured patient through several physical therapy tests. This can also determine the proper physical therapy needed by the patient. The proper physical therapy is now administered on the patient in the presence of a professional physical therapist.