Make everything interesting for him and for you too.

They will try to move away from you or never look at you and totally ignore you.



There are owners that want to leave the training to the dog trainer however that should not be the situation. As an owner it is the support that you give into the practice of your pet that can make the training more effective. You are the most familiar face your puppy would like to see around while they’re on their instruction. Also if you’re there, you will be able to learn the tricks to yourself that you will soon use whenever your charge graduates from his Spiritdogtraining.

When you try to implement what you believe your dog has learned in the practice, you always have to bear in mind which you cannot become flustered or frustrated, stressed or overly anxious for all your emotions can be sensed by your pet.

Here Are a Few Tips:

• Your puppy repeats your head if he can’t find your support he will try to seek calmness elsewhere.

• Dogs can also act outside to divert you from the present state like leaping around and fretting about silly tactics.

• if you get nervous they’ll also feel the exact same way so that you have to show kindness and understanding while keeping control.

Final Thought

Keep in mind, every dog differs from another and thus do not anticipate the consequence of your training on one will be the same as that of another. Also when you do hand command, make it simple and the like those used at the training center. After all you need him to learn and not apply in him the things you would like.