Broaden your readership care of the Nigahiga blog

You are new blogger and have published quite a few entries already.

The next step that you want to do is to grow your audience. You want more readers to get to know your website. How would you go about it? Below are some of the suggestions.



Relevance marketing

  • Write trending topics. Relevance marketing is not about riding the bandwagon only. But what it means is that you are making your blog relevant to what is “in” at the moment. You want to be able to write something that is trending and express your opinions on popular current affairs or news. This is how your entries would be relevant, and this is how other readers can pick up your blog as they start appearing on search results on different social media accounts. The same thing happened to the Nigahiga blog when it was first starting out. It started to pick up some steam when it was becoming relevant and many folks started visiting and watching the videos, and talking about it.
  • Auto post your published articles. Use collaborative apps to auto post your published entries. The posting would be directed to your social media accounts, so that you get to broadcast your new entry. This would help in reaching out to more readers and viewers as they get to see your posts on their newsfeed and on their search results.

Get people talking about your blog

Make your blog trendy and get the readers to talk about. Aside from writing relevant and current topics, write topics that are also hanging or open ended. Meaning, you are opening the discussion to your readers so that they can share their own opinions and insights on the topics that you have started. It doesn’t have to be sensationalized, you just have to open up and explore the idea further.